University Relations

Internship Job Description Samples

Blizzard Entertainment’s internship opportunities change from year to year. But the University Relations team would like to share sample job descriptions from previous application periods, to give you more insight into the tools and skills hiring teams have sought from intern candidates in the past.

Please note, these descriptions are just samples! Actual internship offerings change from year to year. Check back in November 2013, when summer 2014 internship opportunities will be posted.”

Game Development Internship Information

For game development interns, we’re looking for passionate game developers, who have been using their educational opportunities and networks to create game content -- that may be through personal projects, student projects, modding, or other methods. We’re looking for students with a strong understanding of the overall game development process and how their work product fits into the larger development process.

Other Development Internship Information

For interns in other development areas, we’re looking for students who are passionate about game development and how their particular field of study contributes to the larger development process. We’re looking for students who have been using their educational opportunities and networks to develop creative content related to the focus of the internship they’re applying to.

Business Operations Internship Information

For business operations interns, we’re looking for individuals with a strong understanding and passion for the applicable discipline, and the ability to apply it in the fast-paced entertainment industry. We’re looking for students with a strong business acumen who have excellent communication and organizational skills.