Operations teams support, evangelize, and improve our games.

Blizzard games don’t just begin with game ideas, or end once those games are released. A lot more goes into the creation of a Blizzard product than the work of developers—and we support our games for years after they’re in the hands of gamers world-wide.

Many of us are programmers and artists, but there are more unique jobs at Blizzard than you might imagine. We handle marketing, promotion, public relations, music composition, and even more work related to our games in-house, to make sure everything we do is polished until it shines.

Below is a list of roles at Blizzard that contribute to game creation and support. Though we’re not always hiring for these specialized areas, please send us your resume anyway if a department looks right for you and you’ve got an extreme passion for gaming. It takes a diverse, capable, nearly-fanatical group of people to bring our dream games to life.

  • Business Development and Finance Creation and execution of business strategies, and dealing with internal expenditures, payroll and accounting
  • Business Intelligence Analytics and tracking solutions for our games and services worldwide
  • Community & Public Relations Correspondence with players, press and media, as well as maintenance of internal communications
  • eSports Organization and support of our competitive leagues and tournaments
  • Corporate Applications Development of internal, task-focused tools for Customer Service, QA, and other groups inside Blizzard
  • BONS Establishment and maintenance of server architecture and internal information/data transfer systems
  • Security Physical and information security to keep our craziest ideas under wraps until they’re ready, and keep our headquarters safe and secure
  • Consumer Products Creation, conception and sales coordination for our apparel, comics, toys and other cool stuff
  • Quality Assurance Testing games and applications to make sure they’re polished and problem-free
  • Customer Service Help for players and soon-to-be players with questions or issues about playing our games
  • Audio Voice, Music and SFX creation and recording for all of our games
  • Battle.net Creation and maintenance of the online platform that brings Blizzard games and information to our players
  • Marketing Development of the commercials and sales strategies that get everyone else as geeked up about Blizzard games as we are
  • Human Resources Staffing, recruiting, training, and assistance in making Blizzard a fun, rewarding place to work
  • The Anvil Creation and support of Blizzard stories and narrative