Craft Epics

Every workday, we pour a tremendous amount of heart, soul, and time into building something fun. Finishing a game to our standards takes constant iteration and an ethos of polish, but the reward—of creating something bigger than what one person can do alone, seeing it come to life and entertain people for years—is why we make games.

Get It Right, Together

In our company, every voice matters, and that’s because Blizzard projects thrive on collaboration. When you gather a bunch of people who love fantasy, sci-fi, and gaming together in a room, passionate opinions, serious thoughts, and lively “debates” aren’t just part of the process—they’re what makes fun ideas real.

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Stein 2 Years of Service
Sword 5 Years of Service
Crown 20 Years of Service
Shield 10 Years of Service
Ring 15 Years of Service

Level Up!

We reward long-term service—but when you’ve been at Blizzard for a while, you won’t get a pen; you’ll get a mighty sword or shield. Those who've worked with us for 2 years take home a stein, and our team’s veterans of 15 and 20 years rock majestic rings and crowns.

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Experienced artists, programmers and designers from throughout the industry regularly visit Blizzard HQ to give talks at our academy and conduct training courses on everything from creative worldbuilding to brand-new software.

/Learn Video Blizzard Culture with
Frank Pearce
/Learn Video Blizzard Culture with
Frank Pearce

Unleash Fun

The entire company plays our games as they develop, to make sure they’re at their best when we release them. Strategy talk resounds through the halls, and informal tournaments are scheduled at a moment’s notice. Incidentally, this process is pretty entertaining.

Unique Gear

All Blizzard employees receive new game releases and other cool stuff. You'll have regular opportunities to win and sport one-of-a-kind Blizzard-branded loot, like custom shirts, drinking vessels, and more. Let your geek flag fly!

Form a Party

It’s easy to connect with your new best pals and find common interests when there’s room for everyone. At Blizzard, you'll meet people whose passions range from travel to paintballing to action figures to literature. We're serious about balancing our work with life outside of the office—that means celebrating with band performances, costume contests, food, friends, and families.

The Gates Are Open

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