Service Awards

The Service Award ceremonies are an important Blizzard tradition that began in 1996. These ceremonies recognize the dedication and commitment demonstrated by those who help Blizzard create the most epic entertainment experiences...ever. Several times a year, Blizzard employees around the world gather to celebrate the two-, five-, ten-, fifteen-, twenty-, and twenty-five-year milestones of their friends and colleagues with a ceremony where each recipient is honored with their service award. Two years of service are rewarded with a special Blizzard Stein; five years of service are rewarded with a sword; ten-year veterans receive a shield; fifteen years of service is recognized with a special ring, available in both male and female versions (both look fantastic). Twenty years of service unlocks an amazing helm, which is presented at our annual holiday party. The twenty-five year reward has yet to be revealed.

The type of sword given to five-year recipients is different each year. We now present a gallery of the service awards that we’ve handed out over the years in recognition of the hard work, great resolve, and unwavering dedication that has helped make Blizzard the company it is today.