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Blizzard Insider #38 ? STARCRAFT® II - Heart of the swarm unveiled
StarCraft® II: Heart of the Swarm Revealed

Blizzcast #16 - Rage of the Firelands

Diablo® III Followers

Leaders of Azeroth - Vol'jin

Merchandise Spotlight
Arena Pass: Community Challenge

Patch 4.2 Public Test Realm Guides

GSTL May Grand Finals Match Summary

Blizzard Interviews Sean "Day[9]" Plott

Situation Report: Patch 1.3.3


he StarCraft® II team recently unveiled their progress on the StarCraft® II: Heart of the Swarm single-player campaign, which explores the fate of Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. To learn more about this next evolution in StarCraft® II's gameplay and storytelling, the Blizzard Insider recently sat down with Game Director Dustin Browder. Read on to get the behind-the-scenes details of the upcoming StarCraft® II expansion, and be among the first to peer into the Heart of the Swarm.

Now that the player is shifting perspectives from the terran to the zerg, how will this alien point-of-view affect the gameplay and storytelling mechanics of StarCraft® II's single-player missions?

Dustin Browder: Kerrigan is a creature consumed by pure rage. She has been infested, tortured, and hunted. She grew to command over a third of the power of the entire sector, and she has to deal with problems of a scope that Jim Raynor could never even imagine, including the dark unknown of the Xel'naga and all-out genocidal wars against the protoss.

Read the Full Interview    See the Full Expansion Reveal

orld of Warcraft® content update 4.2 opens the gates to the Firelands, a sprawling outdoor raid zone of burning vistas and blazing denizens. Featuring the reemergence of Ragnaros himself, the content patch also introduces an evolving daily quest hub, new unlockable item vendors, and scores of new items, including the legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

Get all the exciting details in BlizzCast Episode #16, featuring an interview with the World of Warcraft® developers and inside info on the latest content.

BlizzCast Episode #16 - Rage of the Firelands

egions of demons are clawing their way to the mortal realms, but you need not face them alone. Meet your Diablo® III followers, brave mortals who have volunteered to fight by your side in your campaign against the Burning Hells. The cunning Scoundrel, the noble Templar, the supernatural Enchantress -- assemble your newest devotees and begin planning who'll be at your side when you set out to confront the untold horrors stirring across the world of Sanctuary.

Diablo® III: Followers

he newest short story in the ongoing Leaders of Azeroth series focuses on Voljin and his early relationship with Zalazane, the one-time ally of the Darkspear. Written by Brian Kindregan, "Vol'jin: The Judgement" offers fresh insight into the origin of these two friends and the future tragedy of their separate paths.

Read Vol'Jin: The Judgement

Cenarion Hatchling for Japan Earthquake Relief

Introducing the latest World of Warcraft® companion up for adoption in the online Pet Store: the wild and noble Cenarion Hatchling! This little critter is the twin of the rare Hippogryph Hatchling pet players could randomly encounter in the first World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game set, Heroes of Azeroth -- and he's emerged from the forests of Azeroth to lend a helping talon to some friends in need. For every Cenarion Hatchling purchased between now and July 31, 100% of the $10 adoption fee will be donated to support earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

Cenarion Hatchling on the Blizzard Store


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