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Blizzard Insider #36 ? StarCraft II Mods ? StarJeweled, Left 2 Die, and Aiur Chef
StarCraft II Mods – StarJeweled, Left 2 Die, and Aiur Chef

Diablo III – Encounters

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Developer Blogs

Leaders of Azeroth – Genn Greymane

Merchandise Spotlight
One if by Zeppelin: Two if by Boat – Traveling Azeroth

Guild Advancement and You

StarCraft II Master League

Heaven's Devils: Lost Transmissions



he StarCraft II developers just released beta versions of three new Blizzard-crafted custom games made using the versatile map editor. These three mods offer players a variety of inventive twists on the gameplay of StarCraft II:

  • StarJeweled — A puzzle/strategy game in which you must match gems of like colors to unleash your forces across the battlefield.

  • Left 2 Die — A co-op survival/strategy scenario in which you and a friend play as a group of terrans trying to hold out against swarms of zerg by night? before venturing outside of your fortifications to eradicate the infestation by day.

  • Aiur Chef — An eight-player free-for-all in which you race to collect the special ingredients needed to cook the most delectable dishes of the Koprulu Sector.

The beta versions of these mods are now available to all StarCraft II players as free downloads on For more details or to learn how to try out the beta versions now, click the link below.

StarCraft II Mods


he demons of the Burning Hells use a variety of insidious tactics when battling the heroes of Sanctuary. Some charge head-on into combat, while others dart through the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike. Some hurl bolts of dark magic from afar, while others summon hordes of lesser minions to do their dirty work for them.

To learn more about the challenges you'll face when fighting the fiends of Diablo III, check out the new Encounters article on the Diablo III website. It details several of the tricks and tactics you'll come up against throughout the game — and serves as a primer for would-be demon-slayers preparing for Diablo III.

Diablo III — Encounters


ince the launch of Cataclysm, the World of Warcraft development team has been busy discussing a variety of expansion-related topics with the community on the official website.

Check out the below developer blogs to discover the design direction for Cataclysm's upcoming class changes, learn more about the new approach to Heroic dungeon challenges, and read the developers' take on PvP balance in Tol Barad. The blogs below offer new insight into the creative process behind Cataclysm and what kind of changes to expect as the expansion continues to evolve.

Tol Barad Balance
Upcoming Class Changes
Wow, Dungeons are Hard


e recently posted a new short story in the Leaders of Azeroth series that paints a detailed portrait of King Genn Greymane, the leader of Gilneas.

Written by James Waugh, "Lord of His Pack" offers a glimpse into the experiences that have shaped Genn's rule, including his efforts to protect his kingdom, his struggles with the worgen curse, and his recent reunion with the forces of the Alliance.

Genn Greymane: Lord of His Pack


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