Latin America Shoutcasting Contest

Latin American StarCraft II Shoutcasting Contest Winners

Our recent StarCraft II Shoutcasting Contest brought in entries from all across Latin America. After a careful judging process, we chose a pair of contestants who demonstrated a great aptitude for shoutcasting, a deep knowledge of the game, and familiarity with in-game terminology, as well as incorporating these talents into a cohesive, entertaining experience.

We are pleased to congratulate Slayerfat and Danymanhunter for winning Blizzard Entertainment's first Latin American StarCraft II Shoutcasting Contest. Each winner will receive a Shoutcaster's bundle as our thanks for a top-notch performance. Please join us in congratulating our winners and in thanking all of our contestants for their impressive submissions!

Grand Prize Winners

Daniel “Danymanhunter” Figueroa - Chile
Video 1 | Video 2

Alejandro “Slayerfat” Granadillo - Venezuela
Video 1 | Video 2

Each one of these winners will take home a shoutcasters bundle with the following prizes:
  • USB condenser microphone and pop filter
  • GeForce GTX 480 Video Card
  • Creative Sound Blaster Sound Card
  • Fraps Software
Worthy mentions

Santiago de Aguirre – Chile
Video 1

Rodrigo Silva de Santana – Chile
Video 1

Pável Rendón Cortés – México
Video 1 | Video 2