StarCraft Writing Contest
StarCraft Writing Contest

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to present the 2010 Latin America StarCraft Writing Contest!

Once again you are called to action; prepare to sharpen your wits and to compete for the ultimate prize. Your weapons? Do not underestimate the musty tome* and quill, for their power is greater than that of the zerg, terrans, and protoss combined. Ready your tools, scribe, and prepare for the ultimate battle -- it's time to unleash an onslaught of fiction!

Whether you're an accomplished writer, or simply fancy it a hobby, we encourage one and all to submit their creative works to our judges: the Blizzard Entertainment Latin American Community team. Their eyeballs are glistening, ready and waiting to drink deep of the stories laid before them.

Are you ready? If so, submit a 2,500 to 5,000 word story written in Spanish or Portuguese and set in the StarCraft universe by July 28, 2010 and earn your chance to win an autographed StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition box in your preferred language.

See below for additional prizing details, or check out the official rules for more information.

Award Categories

Grand Prize: One StarCraft II:Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition box signed by the StarCraft II development team plus one Heaven's Devils novel and The StarCraft Archive.

Runners-up: Two runners up will receive a StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition box signed by the StarCraft II development team.


Q: My story is too long or too short. Is that a problem?
A: Yes! The contest rules require that entries be no shorter than 2,500 words and no longer than 5,000. Most word processors have a "Word Count" feature which can help you determine your story length.

Q: Spanish or Portuguese is not my native language. Is that an issue?
A: No, as long as the story is well written and grammatically sound. We encourage those unsure of their abilities in the Spanish or Portuguese language to find a native speaker with good grammatical knowledge to copy-edit their story.

Q: I'm a native Spanish or Portuguese speaker, so grammar shouldn't be an issue, right?
A: Perhaps, but we highly encourage all entrants to copy-edit their stories. Be sure to check it thoroughly yourself, and consider asking for help from someone you know to be well-versed in the rules of Spanish or Portuguese grammar.

Q: Does my entry have to have a title? Can I just call it "Untitled"?
A: Every story must have a title. And no, "Untitled" does not count as a title.

Q: My story is more of a poem or free-flowing parade of thought. Is that okay?
A: This is a contest for short fictional stories; poems or other non-structured entries are extremely unlikely to win. Look at last year's winners for guidance.

Q: My entry is more of a strategy guide mixed with what my character did yesterday. Is that okay?
A: We're looking for complete, literary works of short fiction based on the StarCraft franchise. Recounts of in-game events, or works that detail game mechanics are not literary fiction.