2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Winners
2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Winners

The winners of this year's pumpkin-carving contest have been chosen -- and they're monstrously spectacular.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated this year, and we can't wait to see your mad scientist skills in action again next time around. Congratulations to the top (5) winners of this year's Pumpkin Carving Contest, who will win their very own iPad™ (64 GB).

Also, be sure to check out this year's Honorable Mentions! (15 Additional Pumpkins)


"Zerg Overlord"
"Overlord and creep tumors helping to make a creep filled Halloween!"

Ian Fisher
San Rafael, CA
"Diablo III"
"Assorted D3 Character Classes D: Male Monk I: Male Wizard A: Male Barbarian B: Female Wizard L: Female Witch Doctor O: Female Monk"

Seth DeHaven
Fort Wayne, IN
Bryan Mitchell
Henderson, Nevada
"Deathwing a la Squash, based on the official concept art in the Blizzard Art Gallery. I couldn't quite find a pumpkin big enough for what I wanted to do, so I cut my losses and stacked one on top of another so I could get some more details in there."

Amy Phillips
Chicago, Illinois
"Night Elf Mohawk"
"This is the Night Elf Mohawk. This is also about 13 hours of carving. There is no paint on it or anything...all pumpkin. I probably spent another 20 hours designing it and staring at photos of Mr. T and the in-game armor. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to make. I even got to include a catch phrase and a pwning reference."

James Hall
Seminole, Florida

Honorable Mention