Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest Winners
Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest Winners

The chefs in this year's Blizzard Holiday Dessert contest cooked up some of the most creative edible works of art we've ever seen.

Choosing who'd take home Dalaran Cooking Awards in this epic bake-off was no easy feat -- but after much deliberation (and more than a few duels), our judges decided upon the year's most artistically delicious delicacies. Check out the 10 winning confections in the 2009 Blizzard Holiday Dessert contest below, along with a few words from their creators about how many stacks of Simple Flour, Small Eggs, and Mild Spices it took to make them.


"Horde Night Before Winter Veil"
Curt Rapala - Northlake, IL

"Created by Twéak, Nala, and Aralius of Ysera (US realm). 100% edible, half chocolate/half yellow sheet cake frosted and covered in fondant blanket. Figurines and decorations sculpted in gum paste and fondant. Headboard and bedposts are gingerbread and candy cane. Tree is frosted rice cereal treats decorated with candy."

"Orgrimmar Bank and Tree During Winter Veil"
Elizabeth Comstock - Santa Rosa, CA

"A gingerbread version of the Orgrimmar bank and tree during Winter Veil, with a dancing snowman on top of the mailbox."

Christina Drylie - Apple Valley, California

"All fear the mighty...and surprisingly cute...Deathwing! Made of rice cereal treats covered in fondant."

"Bloodhoof Village"
Rachel Midgette - Bath, NC

Bloodhoof Village scene, with a gingerbread teepee and totem pole, and handpainted marshmallow fondant over a dark chocolate cake covered with peanut butter buttercream icing.
"Dwarf Warrior Slaying Murloc"
Jaime Hamed - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Vanilla cake, butter cream icing, characters made of fondant. Sandy beach made from crushed up ice cream cones and brown sugar."

"Winter at the Murloc Pond"
Bradley Barger - Bloomington, Indiana

"Rice cereal and marshmallow treat covered with buttercream and fondant. The icy pond water and murloc spines are made of cast sugar."

Brenna Barger - Lenexa, KS

"Boomer, the delicious boomkin. Made from yellow cake, buttercream frosting, and fondant."

"Lord Marrowgar"
Jody White - Blasdell, NY

"Icecrown Citadel"
Gabrielle Olive - Portland , Oregon

"Orange cake with mint vanilla buttercream decorated with pastillage (Icecrown Citadel and Frostmourne), rock sugar, poured sugar, pixie dust, and royal icing. Everything is edible and handmade from scratch. The photograph was taken against a black drape using lighting from my living room."

"Santa Chen Stormstout"
Nathan Beamer - Mechanicsburg, PA

"After a hard night's work delivering his special Winter Veil brew to all of Azeroth, Santa Chen Stormstout relaxes and enjoys some for himself. A carved cake with fondant."