Not everyone is a social butterfly.

You'd like to be part of the conversation, but how are you supposed to do that if you're focused on optimizing your DPS? Today, we are proud to present you with a new way to enhance your online gaming experience – with B'Motes!

Level up the standard emote selection with a mindboggling variety of new pre-recorded emotes and other social enhancements including both classic favorites and brand-new lines. Purchase your favorite B'Motes™ pack via the Blizzard Shop or the in-game store today!

Cover any possible situation with lines like "Did we just miss lethal?", "As long as he doesn't draw [select card], we should be fine", and "Of course you have that." Includes more than one thousand three hundred and thirty seven new lines per hero!


"I had upgraded my graphics card, bandwidth, and even invested in a sweet gaming mouse, but figuring out how to communicate effectively online was still a challenge for me – until B’motes!"

Glenn R, Atlanta

Sound off like your favorite Hero of the Storm. The CVP translates your words into something your selected Hero would actually say. Rally your comrades as the Archangel of Justice, or yell some sense into the troops with the charming drawl of Jim Raynor.


"I never knew I could be this funny, charming, and smart! I mean, I kind of knew, but I didn’t, like, know, you know?"

Rick G, Cynthiana

Prepare to elevate your online role-play to all new heights! Witness the sheer ecstasy of literally* slipping into your character’s skin as you use the Goldshire Inn Packe’s immersive suite of bleeding edge add-ons, all designed with the deepest RP experience in mind.

*not literally literally


"Finally, they don’t just hear me – they listen! Which is great, because I’m a pro, and they could really use my advice."

Debra M, Miami

Emulate the speech patterns of the Protoss and control the forces of Aiur like a true Executor; take on the mannerisms of a hard-as-neosteel-nails Terran battlefield tactician and whip your raggedy-ass bunch of soldiers into shape; or chirp and chitter like a Zerg hive queen and direct the Swarm to victory!


"Being this popular did take some getting used to; there are downsides no one ever mentions. I had to hire an assistant just to manage my friends list! (It’s an internship though, so I don’t have to pay him.)"

Pete C, New York

Trade barbs with the Big Bads of the Burning Hells. Engage Azmodan in a battle of wits and demoralize him utterly; needle Zoltun Kulle with withering insults about his shortcomings as a spellcaster and watch as his spirit is crushed.


"I feel like I have several million new best friends."

Zorbus, Gliese 581 Chat

Eager to find out how B'Motes can help improve your online social interactions? Use our chat simulator to see this new technology in action!

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