Terms of Sale
Terms of Sale

for Residents of Countries Included in the North American Region

For those customers who order products from the Blizzard Online Store that reside in a North American Region Country, the following terms and conditions of Sale apply:

  1. Shipping.

    All Merchandise purchased through the Blizzard Online Store will be shipped F.O.B. Fresno, California, unless Blizzard designates otherwise on the Blizzard Online Store. International customers hereby acknowledge and agree that: (i) Merchandise is shipped from the United States; (ii) you are solely responsible for any and all applicable import duties, customs fees, and taxes; (iii) Once Blizzard delivers the Merchandise to a transportation carrier at the designated shipping point, Blizzard's liability as to delivery ceases, and title and risk of loss passes to you.
  2. Acceptance/Rejection/Returns.

    With regards to purchases of tangible goods from Blizzard's On-Line Store, note that you shall have a period of thirty (30) days following your receipt of tangible versions of Enabled Products or Merchandise purchased through the Blizzard Online Store which has been shipped to you by Blizzard to examine it to confirm that it conforms to this Agreement and the offer for the Merchandise that was presented to you by Blizzard on the Blizzard Online Store. You may reject the Merchandise by returning it to Blizzard (at your expense) along with a copy of the receipt or other proof of purchase if the Merchandise does not conform to this terms of this Agreement and the offer for such Merchandise as presented to you on the Blizzard Online Store. After Blizzard has received your valid return, Blizzard will either: (i) repair the Merchandise, (ii) replace the Merchandise with an item of equivalent value; (iii) credit to the credit card used to pay for the product an amount equal to the value of the Merchandise (as determined by Blizzard in its reasonable discretion), or (iv) provide another remedy which Blizzard determines in good faith is appropriate in the specific circumstances. Lastly, note that all claims whether based on contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise are waived unless made in writing and received by Blizzard within thirty (30) days after your receipt of Merchandise.